A Happy Post

Yes, this is a Happy Post as advertised above!  The previous post was a bit of a downer and may have appeared a bit morbid and depressing to some of you sensitive readers, so here is something completely opposite and life affirming.

Actually, it’s a love story.  It all started with a shy, quiet guy at his older brother’s wedding, where he spied with his little eye a gorgeous, radiant and vivacious young woman and a new and unknown feeling stirred in his heart.  It was love at first sight.

At least it was love at first sight for him.  For her, mmmm….. not so much.  They seemed as different as oil and water, as night and day, as steak and veggie burger, as cat and squirrel ………. you get my point?

The girl is known to her friends as “Hap” a nickname given to her because of her constant state of infectious happiness.  Yes, you could get infected with happiness just by hanging out with her.  What chance did the “shy guy” have?

Ah, but by sheer unblinking persistence, determination and most of all sincerity, “Hap” began to see the Prince Charming qualities of “Shy Guy”.  (at this point, LGS wishes to apologise to all diabetics for the high sugary sweet content of this post but it was unavoidable when it is about this couple).  And to cut a long post short, they got married last week.

Now it seems like a happy cosmic convergence that Pharrell William’s song “Happy” is so big on the airwaves right now;  just in time for a bunch of creative hacks from our little church family to put together a video with their version of “Happy” for Hap and Shy Guy on the occasion of their happy day.

So enjoy and be happy.  Also watch out for the Lone Grey Squirrel as he makes not one but two short cameo appearances in the tradition of Hitchcock and Stan Lee.  See if you can spot me! (Clue: I am not covered with fur nor is my bushy tail visible).

7 thoughts on “A Happy Post”

  1. That actually was a fun Video and a wonderful gift mayhaps they will play during the middle;e of an argument before going on with it. So I saw a dude in the back of a cubicle farm wearing a pinkish shirt?

    And yes i did stop half way through your post to hit a double shot of insulin.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Glad you thought it was fun. This couple is all natural – no artificial sweetener. Hopefully they will spread their happiness to others. But no, I don’t wear pink!!!!

  3. I love that song -it always lifts my spirits.

    You were the one in the striped two-piece bathing suit. I’m right, aren’t I? It’s okay, I already know I’m right.

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