More??? That’s Bad For You


Just a few days ago in Kuala Lumpur, a man had grabbed a two year old child, Siti Sofea Emelda, and ran off.  Her decapitated body was found in a nearby river later.

Sofea and her mother were vagrants living in the streets.  They are part of the large number of homeless in Malaysia’s capitol city and Sofea’s death is a reminder of how unsafe living in the streets can be.

Sofea’s mother has been coming to a soup kitchen run by volunteers for about a year but usually not to get something for herself but to get some help with milk and diapers for Sofea.  Now there is more grief poured out on her difficult life.   The soup kitchen and the volunteers there are one of the few to have offered any comfort and care to her and to Sofea in her short life.

Yet,  a few days before this tragedy, the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development accused soup kitchens and NGOs of being a major contributor to the problem of the homeless by enabling homelessness through their ‘indiscriminate’ feeding programs.


Really?  I never knew.  I help out at one of those soup kitchens that feed the aged, the drug addicts, the blind and the abandoned.  I never knew that I was really the reason that they ‘chose’ to be  homeless.

But now, I am enlightened.  I understand.  Suddenly it is all clear for me.  I also now realise that;

  1. Dentists are ‘enabling’ us to have more cavities.
  2. Rich people, by having money,  are ‘encouraging’ more young people to become robbers.
  3. and politicians are the ‘contributing factor’ to more people feeling nauseated.

I am so proud of our politicians…….NOT!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “More??? That’s Bad For You”

  1. Blame it on the victim then the politicians don’t have to take any responsibility. Indeed outrageous .The poor little girl Bless her soul

  2. Riot Kitty,
    Unfortunately social problems and idiot politicians seem to be increasing in tandem. One minister has said that guide dogs for the blind are a bad idea cause they will only inconvenience the blind and those around them. Another said at one time that the trains on our mass transit system cannot run on time if they had to wait for disabled people to get on board.

  3. marja,
    There are no words. We can only commit her to God’s hands. I wish that no one was forced to live on the streets, especially the very young and the very old.

  4. That is the same logic being taken up by our conservative party now, it is still in its infancy but it will grow because most Americans are sheep and can’t think beyond what they’re told to think.

  5. Mark,
    I don’t think it is just in America…….sheep are everywhere … are the false shepherds and the wolves. I read how the conservatives ripped into Hilary Clinton for referring to Jesus feeding the 5,000 as an example of the need to take care of the hungry and poor. As a Christian, I don’t understand how people claim to hold the bible sacrosanct and then say that such things are a personal choice and not a directive from God.

  6. I am beginning to feel that the problem is world wide. There is no honesty, no responsibility in the leaders. Power has been corrupted to the max. Christians have been caught up in it also with their political comments. So much hate and nastiness. I am praying!!!

  7. Joyce,
    Things are worse in some places but you are right that this is a world wide problem. It’s almost as if we are returning to a type of feudal system where the rich and powerful play the role of overlords and defend their privileges against the unwashed masses. This is made worse by the great and growing chasm between the haves and the have nots. And sadly, many of us Christians are no longer serving God through serving the poor and the widows but have bought in to the ways of the world.

  8. Marilyn,
    Those that have don’t want to share with those that have not and they don’t even want to get to know them better. It’s easier all round for them to think that they deserve their riches and the others deserve their poverty. It’s really a caste system if we are honest and it is worldwide.

  9. Marilyn,
    A good point. Christ would have a lot to say about this and he did. A lot of what is recorded in the Gospels has Jesus condemning the self righteous, religious people who make excuses when it comes to helping others. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, for example, he contrasts the Good Samaritan who showed his love by action against two religious types – the priest and the Levite. The lesson is clear on who was obeying God. Yet, many churches and Christians today fail to show God’s love.

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