South America 8 North America 1

So hey! It’s World Cup time again and 32 nations are battling it out on the football (or soccer as the Americans insist on calling it) fields of wild and wonderful Brazil.  More than 3.2 billion people are expected to watch one of the 64 matches which makes it the second most watched global sporting event behind only the recent Olympics.

Many Malaysians and Asians have developed “red-eye zombie” – like symptoms from watching the live broadcasts of the games in the wee early hours of the morning.  But not me.  I am not a rabid football fan and am content to just catch up with the highlights at a more civilized time.  So I remain bright eyed and bushy tailed.

No, the World Cup was not responsible for my short absence from the blogosphere.  I have actually been busy with work.  Still I keep an eye on the results and there have been some interesting games like the following;

  • Brazil 3  Croatia 1   (Brazil gets the Samba party going.)
  • Netherlands 5   Spain 1  (The Dutch humiliate the reigning World Champion)
  • Costa Rica 3  Uruguay 1  ( now that was a surprise for everyone including the Costa Ricans and a nasty one for the Uruguay fans)
  • Italy 2   England 1  (Not really a surprise for any long suffering English fans who claim that “it was England that gave the world the modern game so could you kindly stop giving us a thrashing” ).

But the one result that I really enjoyed watching was

S. America 8   N. America 1

I refer to the battle royale between the Official World Cup Song  “We are One” and Video by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull (Team North America) versus the “other” song, “La La La” and video by Shakira and Carlinhos Brown (Team South America).

Here is a play by play:-

  1. North America scores early by getting their song recognised as the official World Cup song (GOAL!!)
  2. Pitbull starts but his efforts are impressive.  He doesn’t seem to be working hard at the game.  His lyrics and his moves seem lazy and uninspired.
  3. North America’s top player, J. Lo, did bring some pace into the play but in the end was out danced, out sung and had no  way of keeping up with Shakira’s rapid  hip movements.
  4. As a whole the North American effort was predictable and uninspiring.
  5. Playing for South America, Carlinhos is actually Brazilian, (GOAL!!) and he brings along an infectious rhythm to the game.
  6. Shakira is their superstar and she delivers with her performance (GOAL!!)
  7. Team South America gives us a great catch phrase in “Leggo” (which is street slang for ‘Let’s go’) which is trending on cyberspace and being shouted in the streets. (GOAL!!)
  8. Shakira teamed up with Activia to raise funds for the World Food Programme and feed chidren through its School Meals initiative (GOAL!!).
  9. Team South America’s video includes  actual football players (GOAL!!) and children (GOAL!!) and people from all around the world (GOAL!!).
  10. In the court of public opinion too, South America held the advantage.  On the opening day of the World Cup, Shakira’s video has already had more than 100 million times, some 25 million more views than J. Lo’s video.  There is actually a Twitter campaign to get Shakira’s song adopted as the official World Cup song.  A poll taken by ET showed that 75% of respondents prefer Shakira’s song.  (GOAL!!)

Anyway, this squirrel is all out for Team Shakira!

Here is her video and you really don’t have to be a football fan to like it.  Enjoy.  Squirrel signing off……la….la………..leggo.


12 thoughts on “South America 8 North America 1”

  1. No one can keep up with Shakira’s no lying hips! I never understood the choice of JLo, which is as you say, insipid and predictable.

  2. VioletSky,
    With FIFA entangled in allegations of bribe taking with regards the next world Cup in Qatar, this cynical squirrel wonders if there were “other considerations” in making the choice for J. Lo’s song.

  3. Secret Agent,
    Shakira’s “This time for Africa” was the official song for the last World Cup and I agree it was a great song (actual title was Waka Waka). But this year FIFA chose the J. Lo and Pitbull song which really isn’t very good.

  4. Love the video very artistic, nice rythm. Great ball work and love the little one playing the ball to the elephant. 10 points from me
    Can’t wait for the game Holland Chili, although we are through to the next round anyway

  5. Mago,
    Indeed, something with balls is going on …… and Germany seems to be very much on the ball at the moment. As for me, I am more interested in the gyrating hips of this Colombian songbird. Of course, I love Brazil……that’s where the nuts come from.

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