Two Facts About Me

I recently watched some short filler on one of the TV channels which was entitled  something like “Things that you didn’t know about Matthew McConaughey.”  One of the things I learned was that he has three bedrooms in his house and he sleeps in each of them in turn.  Now I didn’t know this.  How interesting.   This sort of information may help me with life’s problems one day!

Being a celebrity squirrel, the adoring groupies and paparazzi are always trying to find out more about me.   So I thought I should also let my fans in on a couple of interesting LGS trivia.

1.  I am not very athletic

fitness protection

2.  My Handyman Strategy in a Nutshell

engineering flowchart

Care to share an interesting piece of trivia about yourself?


24 thoughts on “Two Facts About Me”

  1. when i was little i used to eat black soil, freshly cut wood, and baby ants. not sure what inspired me to do so, but apparently it has made me the woman i am today.

  2. Mathew who ?
    In this chart are some things I can not identify next to these lovely Guinness glasses, but they do not distract me, so it’s all right.

    Trivia – ?
    I always carry a stone in the left pocket of my trouser.

  3. Mago,
    Matthew is an American actor. I know him primarily from his role as the antagonist and love interest of Jodie Foster’s lead character in the Sci-fi movie “Contact” which was adapted from a Carl Sagan story. But I suppose he is better known as last year’s Oscar winner for Dallas Buyers Club.

    The things on the chart include WD-40 (a synthetic lubricant for when things go squeaky or wheels don’t turn but it is usually only a temporary fix) and two tubes of super-glue.

    A stone in the left pocket trumps any odd thing that I do. Will you ever tell why you do it? Inquisitive squirrels are inquisitive.

  4. yes, i was. as for the wood, they were building our neighborhood when i moved in, so there were lots of fresh hewn trees lying around – i know……

  5. I love the flow chart. Weird stuff about me: I love touching rubbery stuff, e.g. erasers, my cell phone case, etc. Also I save movie tickets.

  6. The stone is rounded and very smooth, fits well into my hand. It’s a gift. Today I am a bit superstitious about it and do not want to leave the house without it ; especially when I have to drive a car or go on a travel. Yeah I know …
    I vaguely remember “”Contact”, but Matthew C. has no place in my memory. I will have a look at the interwebs..

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