A Queer Duck

I know I seem to be mixing my metaphorical species but this squirrel is, as the English used to say, a “queer duck“.

Inspired by some of the sharing in the comments from the last post, (thanks everyone for sharing but especially eccentric were the habits of ksbeth and Mago), I decided to share with you one of my greatest eccentricities.

This queer duck of squirrel doesn’t eat anything  that has feathers.  I don’t eat chicken, duck, turkey or the Frankensteinish “Turducken“.

The creepy and monster-ish Turducken (a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck stuffed into a boneless turkey).

I also don’t eat pigeon, dove, quail, pheasant, etc.  Are you getting the picture?

How long have I had this peculiarity? Since I was about 5 years old.

Why don’t I eat my feathered friends?  Here’s where I have to lie down on the couch and tell you about my early childhood.  Here is  the sad story…………

One day, when I was about 5 years old, I happened upon an old woman who was slaughtering a chicken.  She had just used a knife to cut the chicken’s throat.  Then she squatted down, bent the neck of the chicken backwards and holding it above a bowl, let the blood drained out.  I watched stunned as the blood drain out, dripping and splattering into the bowl.

I asked the old woman why she was collecting the blood.  She turned her wrinkled face towards me and gave a toothless grin (at that age, she sure looked like a wicked witch to me!) and said in a creepy voice, “Why, I’m going to make it into a jelly for you to eat!”

I ran away screaming from the blood eating vampire witch!

After that, I refused to eat anything feathered.  This became a point of contention and contest of will between my mother and me.  As I grew older, she kept trying to get me to eat chicken.

There was a time when she would mince the chicken and mix it with mince pork to make one of my favorite dishes.  I would eat the dish and I could not consciously taste the chicken and yet I would still sense it unconsciously and throw up every time.  She eventually gave up.  The power of the mind truly is surprising.

And so this went on until my twenties when work and studies put me in situations where there was often nothing other than chicken to eat.  With the memory of the blood eating vampire witch beginning to fade, I finally was able to eat some chicken out of sheer necessity.

Since then I have eaten chicken and turkey to be polite on social occasions but still generally avoid them if I have a choice.  My friends now know to have a non-poultry option when they have me over for a meal.

The final twist in this craziness is that all through this time, there was one chicken dish that I have always eaten…….chicken satay.  Somehow, my mind decided that satay is too delicious to be chicken!

Satay is "NOT" chicken.
Satay is “NOT” chicken.


I guess if you have gotten to the end of this post, you may have come to the conclusion that LGS is  NUTS.  But I hope we can still be friends and if you do invite me over for dinner, remember, no birds but lots of nuts please.

12 thoughts on “A Queer Duck”

  1. I know people who are vegans, vegetarians, don’t eat cow, pig, chicken and me? I’m horribly allergic to duck,, don’t eat pork etc. etc. etc. … And then there are people who won’t eat vegetables (can you hear them screaming?). You are no weirder than anyone else I know. We are ALL weird.

  2. you’re chicken huh to eat the chicken. Quite a trauma. I have a trauma eating pea soup. They made me eat it when I was young and I haven’t eaten it ever since. Love chicken though but no chicken soup for my soul.

  3. Marilyn,
    Allergic to duck? Strangely, of all the fowls, I still don’t eat duck. Even the smell puts me off. I like to think that we are all very special and different……just like everyone else!:)

  4. marja,
    I love pea soup (although I have to admit that it may be more because of the bacon or ham often in the soup). So if I eat the peas and you eat the chicken, there will be balance in the universe.

  5. I just read the satay recipe on a site about Malaysian cooking, oh what a nice mix of spices !
    I think it is perfectly understandable that you do avoid this meat after your experience with the bloody witch. She left a powerful impression, still works after all these years.
    Like marjablom I was forced to eat something as a child (“Oh, it’s good for you !”) and thus still today can not bear it – Rote Beete, beetroot, especially pickled, makes me sick.
    The “Turducken” is a bit like from a Roman cookbook, late decadent period …

  6. Mago,
    It is amazing how our childhood experiences can have such lasting impact on our food choices. I have to say that I am not too fond of beetroot either.

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