Happy Place

After sharing with you, dear readers, some of the upsetting things going on in my neck of the woods, a few of you wondered how I could remain positive.   Well, I guess I go to my happy place.

Do you have a happy place to go to when things are bad, the cold wind is blowing and the wolves are at the door?  What is your happy place, I wonder.

When I was a child, my happy place was an isolated cove on a beach where I could play amongst the waves, the sand and the rock pools – far away from other people.  This was a real place but one that I would also visit in my mind when I needed some sunshine in my soul.

That sufficed for me until I was a University student in UK.  Now as all astute readers will know, there isn’t a whole lot of sun and sand in the UK.  Instead, there was a great abundance of cold, damp and wet weather.  Somehow, it suited my melancholic phase and during this, my “blue” period, my happy place was a little fir tree covered lookout point in the Lake District with a wonderful view of the valley and lake below.

When I started work back in Malaysia in nature conservation, my happy place where I could escape the pressures of working life was a very special spot by a pristine river deep in the rainforest.

All these places allowed me to rest in the presence of God the creator and enjoy the wonders of His creation.   They were all my happy places cause I was having one-on-one time with God.

Psalm 33: 8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

On a related note, a posted once  about “My Dream Home”.  I thought I would share that post with you again here,


I do not think that I am fussy nor demanding. In fact, I am fairly content and easily satisfied. I am not one of those who desires the fastest or most luxurious cars. Where some may pant after a Lamborghini or perhaps a Rolls-Royce, my dream car is nothing more exalted than the Volkswagen Golf Convertible and I am absolutely content with the Honda City that I do drive.

The same applies to houses. Sure, it would be nice to own a mansion or even just a large house but that really isn’t important. Home is where you make it and a small studio apartment can be as happy a home as a big mansion. I do like water though. It would be nice if the house would be near water. I would sit on the porch and just watch the seasons change.

Nevertheless, if any of you kind folk can find a way for me to live at any of these places, I’d be much obliged. Thank you.

A riot of color somewhere in the Laurentians
A riot of color somewhere in the Laurentians, Canada


Splendid isolation with the sound of howling winds and lashing rain on an island off Iceland.
Splendid isolation with the sound of howling winds and lashing rain on an island off Iceland.


Or tranquility and silence on a Norwegian Fiord
Or tranquility and silence on a Norwegian Fiord



10 thoughts on “Happy Place”

  1. The photos of your dream houses are all beautiful but you know, every one of those locations is DAMN cold in the winter time. Just so you know!

    I’m glad your faith is a good support for you in times of need.

  2. My happy place is where I am at the moment. Happiness comes from inside. Contentment and realistic thinking makes this possible. Do I get upset sure but not for long.

  3. I think Iceland is pretty cheap 😉

    Actually, writing stuff for children is the way I create my happy place. It’s even the expression I use.

  4. My happy place was a tree at the end of the garden. Once I climbed up there nobody could see me. As a teen my favourite place to go to mull things over was to walk along the banks of the Shannon.

  5. Debra,
    Haha. Thanks for the warning about the cold. I did live in Ottawa, Canada for awhile (4 bitterly cold winters,in fact). Still, I prefer the cold to lying on some warm sunny tropical beach. Don’t know why, perhaps frostbite of the brain from my Ottawa stint?

  6. Riot Kitty,
    I am the designated story reader at the playgroup I volunteer at. Would love to know more about your writings for children.
    Hmmm….there must be a reason why Iceland is cheap. Suspicious squirrel being suspicious.

  7. Molly,
    I can imagine both your happy places being wonderful indeed. Haven’t been to Ireland but it must be great. Do you remember what type of tree was it? I am imagining an apple tree so that you could snack in your hideaway.

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