MH 17

Malaysia is in shock and is grieving.  We are reeling from the blows that have pummeled us this year.  The Prime Minister correctly reflected our thoughts when he said, “This is a tragic day, in what has already been a tragic year, for Malaysia.”

The news are filled with images of the wrecked plane and the details  or speculation of what happened.   There is no need for more of that in this blog.

Instead, I would just like to remember those whose lives were lost in this tragedy.  My prayer is for the loved ones and families that they may find solace and comfort in their time of grief and for Malaysia, that as a nation we will weather this storm united in our grief and in our love and support to those in pain.

Here is the face  of one of those 298, to remind us that these were all loved by parents, siblings, children and friends.  Stewardess Angeline Premila, 30, was the youngest of the flight crew aboard the plane.

Photo from  A Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge
Photo from A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge

May God bless them all.

(photo from A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge)

20 thoughts on “MH 17”

  1. The misfortune is not a reflection on Malaysia and her struggle to bring all of her citizens to a new level of prosperity in the 21st century. It is however a reflection of the people of the world who will not have peace at any cost, of which they are legion. I keep trying to remember the lessons of peace I learned years ago, but have been stolen from me, may the Malaysian people never forget and continue to build upon it’s place in the world.

  2. A horrible tragedy I can’t believe it. 192 Dutch people died. One from my hometown My heart goes out to all families who lost someone

  3. Debra,
    Sadly, politics and the hardness of men’s hearts seem to be in the way of even the bodies being handled with respect and returned to their families as soon as possible. Their journey to their final rest is not yet done.

  4. Mark,
    Thanks for the kind words. It does seem true that in this incident, Malaysia has been dealt an unjust blow but on top of other incidents, some of our own doing, it has been an annus horibilis.

  5. It hurts more when it happens in/to your country, but these days, with such instant communication, it hurts us all. The planet is smaller these days and these are our fellow humans. My heart goes out to all those who got the horrible news that someone they loved was on that plane.

  6. There are no words….
    This is a tragedy that is, as you already mentioned, made that much worse by the behaviour of the people not co-operating with the recovery and investigation.

  7. Molly,
    The nightmare has happened again. Now we must pray for those who have lost loved ones. But as you said, the planet seems smaller now with the global news coverage and instant communications. This year just seems full of bad news like the missing Nigerian girls, Syria, Iraq and Gaza. May God have mercy on foolish mankind.

  8. VioletSky,
    It’s like putting salt into an open wound, making the pain of loss even worse. And then there is the question about whether we will ever know the truth when it is possible that some will seek to hide or confuse the truth.

  9. As I read somewhere the black boxes are now in the hand of Malay specialists. At last.
    More than two hundred dead – killed in an absolutely senseless action. Two hundred people that were in no way involved in what takes place on this damn ground there.
    When I look at the whole thing it is not only terribly embarrassing but is fit to make one despair. We know that this aeroplane was brought down – and every party involved points the finger into another direction. One party must be lying massively.
    And all, cold heartedly, try to make “their best” out of this. It’s gut wrenching disgusting.

  10. Mago,
    You are absolutely right… party IS lying massively and is showing human nature at its worst. There is no sense of right and wrong only in the right of their own political beliefs.

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