Aye or Naw

Well today is a truly historic day as Scotland goes to the polls to vote on the question; “Should Scotland be an independent country?”   Will it be a vote for independence – an “AYE” or “YES” vote?  Or will it be a vote to remain in the United Kingdom – a “NAW” or “NO” vote?

Recent opinion polls show this to be a very tight race and no one is willing to give a firm prediction on the outcome.

As I have some Scottish relatives so I have to tread a little carefully when posting on this issue.

My Red Squirrel cousins (distant cousins, I might add), consider Scotland to be part of their home domain and have been showing up in droves to support the vote for Scottish independence.

The Feorag as they are known in Scottish gaelic are all about their traditions and clans and claim to trace their ancestry back to the ancient warrior tribe of red-haired Picts that used to live in these parts.  Below is a picture of the Reds rallying for a “YES” vote.


Grey Squirrels on the other hand tend to have a different political view.    Truth be told, Greys don’t hold our cousins the Reds in very high esteem.  Their official scientific name is Sciurus vulgaris.  Doesn’t the name just say it all?


As you can see from the picture above, red squirrels drive slowly.  Actually, Greys think Reds are generally a bit slow.  Enough said.

While I can understand the aspirations of many Scottish folks and Red Squirrels for an independent Scotland, us Grey Squirrels are generally for keeping the union.

In an age of globalisation, the world is a smaller place and our fates seem to be completely intertwined.  We think that strength and prosperity comes from unity and population size.  Take China and India, for example, they are expected to become the largest global economies but that won’t happen if they fracture into smaller independent nations.

Scots are better educated than most in the UK.  They also have lots of oil and let’s not forget the whiskey.  They may fare well as an independent nation but the UK as a whole will definitely be poorer.

If everyone just looked at their own economic interests, then might California or Alaska seceded from the USA?  Hong Kong from China?  Alberta from Canada? Barcelona from Spain?  Disneyland from all the countries they are in?

No!  Grey Squirrels say “No”.  We are for union. Vote for union!


But anyway, it won’t make any difference as we Grey Squirrels intend to conquer the world and rule it as one.  So enjoy your freedoms and you referendums while you can.

MWahahahaha! (evil laugh)


16 thoughts on “Aye or Naw”

  1. I do not know how the vote will go but I do love how the English crown will not give up any of it’s lands in Scotland and uses economics as their 21st century sword to sway the vote. Have you ever noticed that the red squirrels look better in a kilt?

  2. Mark,
    Economics is both a weapon and a self serving cause these days just about everywhere. I actually do have a picture of a squirrel in a kilt but it’s actually a grey squirrel with a red colored punk hairdo rather than an actual red squirrel so I did not post it.

  3. Riot Kitty,
    Well, let’s not forget that many Scots have ties with the rest of the United Kingdom. For example, one Scotsman that was interviewed married a Welsh girl, had his children attend universities in England and was even elected to be member of parliament for an English constituency. Another young girl said that she did not want her choice of universities for study limited to only Scottish ones. Still, I think the ‘no’ vote came mostly from traditionalists who still pledge allegiance to the Queen and from those who were afraid of economic consequences.

  4. Welcome back LGS !

    The sovereign has spoken in Scotland. But things will change, London has to react, there will be more federal elements in the construction of the whole state. But it could have been another outcome too.

  5. Mago,
    I believe in more autonomy but unity. Now it seems that even the English want more rights after all the concessions offered to Scotland. What is next? There is of course the Basque and the Catalonians which want independence and now I understand that even Flemish Belgium wants to split from French Belgium. Got any of this sort of thing in Germany? Here in Malaysia, some people have talked for a long time for resource rich East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) splitting from the country.

  6. G.B.,
    I am upset that you would choose an evil cat over an evil squirrel. I am making a note of your name for when we squirrels come into power. Always room for cat-loving dissidents in our nut mines.

  7. Oh yes – Bavaria had serious plans after the war to become independent, that is why this member of the federation calls itself “Freistaat”, free state. Every now and then, when the Bavarian MP has some problems or nothing better to do, this topic comes on the agenda. Pure populism.
    But I do not give a damn, those pesky Bavarians !
    Free FRANCONIA I say ! We were occupied by these beer gulping hicks in leather trousers two hundred years ago, time to turn back the clock ! Without Franconia Bavaria would be reduced to Munich – and who likes that terrible area ?

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