Solving the Mystery

Life is full of mysteries. You know…….like just how something like “Twilight” could have made so much money!  Or why humans with all their stupidity haven’t killed themselves off yet and left the world to the superior squirrels!

I know that I kind of left my readers in a lurch and created a mini-mystery of my own when the Lone Grey Squirrel disappeared for the last 13 months.  Astute readers will point out the similarity between the Squirrel’s disappearance and that of another famous writer. Agatha Christie, whose mysterious and extraordinary 11 day disappearance in 1926 remains unexplained to this day.

The Lone Grey Squirrel had thought of selling the true story behind his disappearance to some tabloid media but decided that he owed his fans and loyal serfs the truth ,,,,,,,,FOC.

The sad explanation is that LGS was just keeping his head down.  Regular readers (all two of them), will know that despite my megalomaniacal desires for world conquest, I am quite mild mannered and not prone to foul language in the slightest.  However, there just is no other appropriate way of saying this ………….

“When the SHIT hits the fan and starts flying, you had better shut your mouth and duck!”

And here in Malaysia where I live, the shit has been flying.

First, we had the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 in March 2014, with 239 souls on board and the accompanying embarrassing public relations fiasco by Malaysian authorities.  LGS worked through the grief and kept blogging.

Before we had time to comprehend what had happened, in July, just 4 short months later, Malaysian Airlines MH 17 was shot down over Ukraine by a missile and the bodies of the 298 who lost their lives had to suffer the indignity of many days unburied due to the conflict of the warring parties in that region.  Like all Malaysians, LGS also tired to keep going through this second and equally unbelievable tragedy.

Until these incidents which were both out of the ordinary, Malaysian Airlines had one of the best safety records around.

Then came, what felt like a knock out blow.  In December 2014. Indonesia Air Asia flight 8501 crashed into the sea in bad weather with the loss of 162 lives.  Thus, Malaysian airlines scored a one – two – three for the worst airplane disasters of 2014.

Things continued to go bad in 2015.  We had political scandals; allegations of misappropriation of billions of dollars worth of funds involving a government run company which is now being investigated in USA, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong; we had massive street protests; we saw a very public rise in racial intolerance and divisive politics; we saw our currency drop some 20% against the US dollar to reach the lowest point in 17 years and earning us the accolade of the worst performing currency in Asia; we saw the introduction of a new goods and service tax, we saw our petrol prices rise even when price of crude fell round the world; we saw our national airline declared technically bankrupt by its new CEO; we learned that our education system continued to fall (coming in at 52nd place out of 65 countries evaluated) with a World Bank economist saying that the situation is alarming etc……..

And starting with the contradicting and sometimes mind boggling stupid and inane statements some government representatives made immediately after the disappearance ofMH 370, a firm track record has been established for laughable statements and excuses by Malaysian politicians, officials and leaders.

People are even beginning to make money selling books such as Unbelievably Stupid, which record the long list of stupid and unintentionally funny statements. Even the Crown Prince of the state of Johor has called for the replacement of government ministers who are considered “jokes” with intelligent people (article here).

I know for many of you, Malaysia is very distant and it is difficult for you to understand what is going on here but it does feel as if the world is laughing at Malaysia right now. Below is an example: it involves a case in New Zealand in which a Malaysian diplomat is accused of breaking and entering and committing indecent assault on a woman.  He apparently stalked the woman, followed her home, watched her from outside her home, pooed on the patio outside her front door, broke in, accosted her in her bedroom while naked from the waist down but fled after a short struggle.  In his defence, he gave the following excuses – i) he had to take an emergency toilet break in her garden which was why his pants were down, ii) he was only doing that because he believed it was part of a black magic ritual to win the love of the woman and finally iii) he was not in the right state of mind at the time.

The following video of this story being reported on a New Zealand news channel sums up how the world seems to be laughing at Malaysia and why the squirrel has been keeping his head down these last 13 months.

Laugh or cry.  Sometimes you just have to do both.

Here’s hoping for a better 2016.


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