Sage Squirrel Predictions

Dear Reader, I have always thought that I had special prophetic powers.  You know, like Nostradamus.  You don’t believe me?

I recently came across an old post that I made right here in the Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel.  The post entitled “Have an Ox-picious Year” was written in 2009 and in it, the Lone Grey Squirrel gave predictions for the next 12 years according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

You can click on the link above to read the whole post but I just want to draw your attention to the prediction that I made for 2016.

2016 (Year of the Monkey) – After two terms under President Obama, the political mood swings and unfortunately a monkey is returned as President. In world news, U.N. observers will declare that there was wide-spread monkey business during elections in a South American banana republic.

Hmmmm……….. looking at the current Republican nominations race in the USA and the crazy televised debates amongst the candidates, one just has to think that we might be eerily close to seeing that prediction come true.  What do you think?

I know politics can be a very volatile and contentious topic and   it is not my intention to offend anyone.  However, I have to be true to my own beliefs and apparently after taking another one of those quizzes that float about on the internet and Facebook, I have been told by the Internet Gods that my beliefs are most closely aligned to Bernie Sanders.

So now that you know, allow me to share the following meme which would clearly appeal to anyone who thinks like Bernie Sanders.  Anyway, I think it is funny and possibly prophetic as well.  Hope you agree…..

last president


As an bonus feature (cause the squirrel is feeling generous), here is a tribute to the “Monkey Man” by the great Amy Winehouse.




4 thoughts on “Sage Squirrel Predictions”

  1. Oh wise squirrel oracle — how in tune with the universe you are. I agree that Bernie may be our only hope. In the event the crazy man is elected, do you think you’d have room in your country and your heart to shelter some immigrants?

  2. I look at what is going on there in the US and the former disbelief slowly gives way to a slight panic. There is shouting, stupidity and misbehaving that goes through as political “discussion”, a bar brawl it is, and not even a good one.
    I looked at pieces from “speeches” on youtube, and only heared screaming and shouting. Not one single statement that could be called an “Argument” (not in the sense of “quarrel”).
    I read through the electoral manifest of Mr Trump (on their website) and found nothing but platitudes. I am of the firm believe that Mr Trump is not the root, but a symptom – something in this society is very wrong.
    I saied it before and I say it here again : All will be better under Pres Trump ! My former sarcasm is now replaced by sheer cynicism.
    And what makes me really angry is that all these people claim to be oh so Christian, having GOd on their side – that’s what was written on the belt buckles of German soldiers, “Gott mit uns !” – thank you very much, Jesus carried no guns.
    It is all very depressing.

  3. Molly,
    Sadly, my country would not be much of a place to escape to as we have our own bunch of crazy people in charge. There’s just too much stupid and crazy going around on top of the epidemic of greed and corruption.

  4. Mago,
    I think instead of claiming God is on our side, we should be asking whether we are on God’s side. As you rightly pointed out, Jesus carried no guns. In fact he taught love, peace, forgiveness and grace. He taught about turning the other cheek and walking the extra mile. I like what the Pope said……”Christians build bridges and not walls”.

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