Children are Our Future

Things have been just terrible all around the world.  Bombings, killings, greed, corruption, injustice …….  I am not blind to these horrors but I don’t think you need me to repeat the list of atrocities here.  We are almost constantly assailed these days with bad news every time we watch TV or check things out things on the internet.

It goes without saying that the Lone Grey Squirrel is greatly saddened by the loss of life and the suffering that is occurring.  And yet, when we get an overdose of bad news, there is always a danger of being desensitized – when the next atrocity or bad news no longer impacts us anymore – when we become numb.

The best way to avoid the numbness or to avoid becoming cynical is to remind ourselves that we humans can also create great beauty, exhibit great kindness and do much good.  And one fantastic source to draw on for such a spiritual uplifting are children.  As the song goes, children are our future.  They are our hope.  Their innocence, their unquestioning trust and their unconditional love can really roll back the dark clouds.

I have been blessed by the children that go to the children’s playgroup that I volunteer at.  I always come away with a spring in my step, an extra beat in my heart and with my joy of life restored.

So please enjoy the following video and may it restore your faith in humanity.


Ooops……or maybe not.

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4 thoughts on “Children are Our Future”

  1. I assume that a set of steps to the faucet has been installed. I hear you Calvin, I will openly admit that living surrounded by death daily dealt out has made me a cynic. Such is this city and now Chicago, DC, Cleveland, Ankara, Baghdad, and on and on and on…cynicism is not an unholy state of mind. Perhaps it is more God like thinking than we can ever know.

  2. Mark,
    I think God sees the darkness and evil of human hearts but he still has love and hope…..he still sees something lovely under all that filth. We struggle to find a similar balance. Meantime, if you have grandkids, do think twice about receiving food offerings from them.

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