Original Weirdness

When I was trying to write my scientific thesis at University, an older and self proclaimed “wiser” student offered me this piece of advice:- “If you just quote from one source, that’s called plagiarism.  If you quote from many sources, that’s called research!”

That’s why, my last post included items pinched from several sources around the internet – that’s quality research!

However, just to prove that the Lone Grey Squirrel is capable of some original content, here for your enjoyment is some original weirdness that I actually found on my own while doing field research in my natural environment*.

( field research in my natural environment* = finding something to kill boredom while my wife does window shopping at the local mall)

The following are all originals by LGS which to my knowledge has never been loaded up on the internet.  With your help, I expect them to be a runaway viral sensation on the internet, thus making me world famous and landing me a lead role in Zootopia 2 opposite Shakira.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  Here are my originals for your enjoyment…….

1.  For the Men ………some pretty women going cheap


2. For the Ladies …….. some Australian Beef(cake)


3. For those who like to stand on their heads………..


And you know, my all time favorite was the photo that got away.  They discovered their mistake before I could return with my camera.  My local supermarket was apparently selling “chicken dumbsticks”!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my original discoveries and please feel free to leave caption suggestions in the comments!  That will make us an international collaborative research team.

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