Squirrel Control to Major Tom

Things seem a bit depressing at the moment. Wars, atrocities, air crashes, etc.  All bummers.  Not even the promised distraction of sporting competition where man challenge man to greater heights of achievement bring much relief.  The upcoming Euro football championships have the threat of terrorist attacks hanging over them and the Olympics are under a cloud of mosquitos bearing the risk of Zika.

So I have decided to treat you loyal friends to an escape. An escape into the crazy imagination of a nut-addled squirrel mind.  Let’s leave the world and all its worries behind behind and blast off in our own Eagle Transporter into the world of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Space 1999.

Regular readers (all two of you and the stalker), will know that my birthday wish in 2014 was to have my own Eagle Transporter  model kit.  Unfortunately, it is incredibly hard to get as the model was based on a British TV series that ran between 1975-1977.  They had long stopped producing the models.

But so desperate was I to go on a flight of fancy that I did not give up the search.  Finally, after about a year on the quest, I finally found one in Melbourne, Australia.

And here it is………..  I am a bit rusty so my model building skill is lamentable.  Nevertheless, come fly with me.

What should my next project be?  Should it be the Star Wars Death Star or Millennium Falcon?  How about Star Trek’s Enterprise or Klingon Bird of Prey?  I am thinking maybe a World War II bomber, or perhaps an aircraft carrier, or maybe a tall ship.  What do you think?


18 thoughts on “Squirrel Control to Major Tom”

  1. I should have followed you before 😀
    I’m a collector and my husband is a classic-masters and jap-robots modeller (scratch and kits). Some plastic, or resin kits are not easy to find but this Eagle is a great model. A good way to find something is to visit Hobby Model exibitions: there are many in each country. Google helps.
    Waiting for your next model 🙂

  2. Sid,
    Thanks. I am just restarting this hobby after almost a lifetime away from it. Regretably, this is not a very popular hobby in Malaysia and Hobby shops in this vein have mostly closed down. But I will persevere. I appreciate the Jap-robots but my preference is for the classic.

  3. “Captain we have to eject the warp core when it explodes it may push hard enough to escape the black hole”

    “Make it so Scotty!”

    Flights of fancy are curious when doing projects one desires to do.

    I think your next one should be a Rat Rod.
    anyone of these would work

  4. Mark,
    Your suggestion to do a Rat Rod was certainly interesting. Coincidentally, I was just thinking today of something similar but from the 60’s – the Bluebird – a world land speed record holder. Interestingly, there is a Bluebird from the 1930’s which would be very similar to a Rat Rod.

  5. I could see myself in a police chase with just about any one of those. smoking cop cars would be delightful.

  6. Ha – cool that you found one ! For ages I have a 1:72 Curtiss “Helldiver” model sitting in a drawer of my desk. Now and then I look at the box and imagine that I would actually built it … Around here one good shop survived, from three well sorted sortimenters twenty years ago. In my childhood one could buy a plastic model by Revell or another brand in the large stores, but not anymore. I think its only some old freaks who still know it from childhood, who actually are potential customers.
    Now and then I look at sites for the very large 1:6 r/c-tanks, and imagine myself driving one through my (also imagined) garden. I would make videos and fake documentaries …

  7. Mago,
    I was hoping you would come by for this post. Why haven’t you assembled the Helldiver? Come on, let’s have an “arms race”. I will build one if you build one! I think you are more into tanks. I have not played with r/c much but if I did, I think I would like a r/c hovercraft. Be nice to have something that can go over dry land and water,

  8. Only build it, and / or paint too ? I’m terrible at painting models. First I have to get some glue …
    It’s a plastic model kit, length of the plane is 15,8cm, wing span 21cm. I have no clue how long it will take me to put it together.

  9. Mago,
    I think if left to the two of us, it will be a very slow “arms race”! Haha. I too have very little experience with the painting. It was the worst part of my model. Why don’t we both try to encourage each other to do one model before Christmas? That seems a long way away.

  10. Just found a “tube” of Revell “Contacta” liquid glue for plastics, seemingly still unopened !
    Why wait for Christmas LGS ? Today is the 9th – do you have a model kit at hand ? Let’s see whether we can do it until the end of the month ? Photographic evidence is needed. Hey, why not ? It is a good idea.

  11. Mago,
    I don’t have a model kit at the moment but I am willing to take up the challenge. I will make an effort to find a kit next week. That should still give me 2 weeks to do something. Ok. Let’s do it!
    I am thinking of doing the deHavilland Mosquito because it was strangely a high performance plane made out of wood when everyone else was using aluminum. Don’t know if I can find it but I will try.

  12. Tell me when you have a kit, I do not want to have an unfair advantage. I looked at the Curtiss, the model comes in blue plastic. I think I will get me at least some white paint for the bottom of the machine. The Mosquito was a very fast machine if I remember it correctly. Yes, let’s built something !

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