Bitter Searching for Commonwealth

Remembering Orlando……

Remembering Orlando, Paris, Brussels, Syria, Kenya, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Boston, Oslo, Sandy Hill, Virginia Tech, Turkey, Oklahoma City, New York ……………….. so many.

Why so much hate?  Where is the love for brother man?  If we cannot at least respect each other, how can we hope for a better world for our children?

My tribute to those whose lives have been snatched away or shattered……. and my plea to the world……

Poem by F.R. Scott; song by Leonard Cohen.

May we rise, from bitter searching of the heart, to play a greater part that men may know commonwealth again.

6 thoughts on “Bitter Searching for Commonwealth”

  1. I do not know about other places Squirrel, I have never traveled away from North America. I do know that them who have ordered post WWII American society from those days to these have set us on the path od division and quarrel. It has been done to distract us from the important matters we face(d). Eisenhower warned us in his farewell address to the nation, and we have gone down a contrary road to that warning. Being in a constant state of war somewhere in the world since the Kennedy era has now “trickled down” into and upon our culture.

    There are many voices crying for peace and love. Those days where it could have taken root are well behind us now. These are days of fear and decimation, financial ruin for many and no opportunity for others as the small minority concentrate on gathering the wealth of all others to themselves. Our bigotry, hatreds, divisions, ignorance of reality run deep in American culture.

    Yes there will be prayer and memorial services for the mass murder in Orlando but in the main it will quickly fade as the next crisis hits. I hold no fear for myself, I do not fear the government or them that use death and hatred as a solution for their insanity or them that blame a religion or race for their fears. I would that America was different but it is not, I will speak to what I see and verify as i have ever done, i will never see darkness and call it light–in that my humanity will remain intact.

    fear nothing and all that is creating fear will fear you.

  2. Mark,
    I pray and hope for change because it is a very dark pit that we are collectively heading into. Ours seems to be not a future where technology elevates our condition but one where despite of technology, we sink into deep depravity.
    Indeed, there have been so many atrocities in such frequency that really I doubt that we will remember because they will be lost and become ordinary.

  3. I think there is a lot more love than hate. That being said, it’s bloody ridiculous that it’s so easy for the hateful to get their hands on military-grade weapons.

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