Resistance is Futile

Okay….. things are a bit slow here and I am having writer’s block.  So I sat here thinking about what to post about.  Thinking…..thinking…..and thinking…….and then some more thinking……. and NOTHING!

So in times like this, I am thankful for posts that I read, which I can sample.  Here is something I came across on someone’s Facebook.  Clearly, the lady has attained wisdom; enlightenment even.  I can only hope that you, dear readers, will follow in her footsteps.

squirrel rockyYes…..stop resisting.  Resistance is futile.


17 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile”

  1. My dog, Ginger, is 85 pounds of pure mutt. After a few years of trying even she has been turned to the dark side and no longer chases the squirrels. She still has a high disregard for cats though. That fact alone allows me to keep her around and occasionally feed her.

  2. Mark,
    Your Ginger is a highly intelligent animal. She understands that squirrels are friends and cats are evil. She also knows what the minimum she needs to do tobe fed.

  3. I’ve finally found another man who loves squirrels—oh the joy! Before the price of sunflower seeds went through the roof, I fed squirrels from a feeder I made for them. I also built bridges so they could move about my yard in safety, and, on occasion, I was lucky enough to have them come right into my kitchen through the open window. These were Douglas Squirrels (named after David Douglas), a kind that only lives in America’s Pacific Northwest. I understand that our gray squirrels have become quite a problem in your country, but you’ve certainly paid us back us back with starlings.

  4. Snowbrush,
    It is indeed a pleasure to meet a fellow squirrel-phile (sounds better than squirrel-nut). I lived in Ottawa, Canada for 3 years which is where I developed my fondness for the grey squirrel. But I currently reside in Malaysia (not the UK which are persecuting the greys). We have our own squirrels here but they are jungle dwellers mostly and much more shy of humans.

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