His name is Chew Keng Lin.   When I think of Chew, I think of a man of simple tastes and a happy disposition; more contented and at ease in the depths of the rainforest than enjoying creature comforts of city dwelling.  He loved nature and being out in nature. In fact, he made protecting nature his life’s work.


I first got to know him at this place – Endau Rompin.

endau rompin

We were on the same team; I was team leader.  Together we contributed to the building of a field centre for scientific research and nature education in a relative pristine forest are. Today, it is part of the National Parks of Johor or “Taman Negara Johor”.

Chew continued on and became a senior officer in the Parks Corporation.

Tomorrow is Chew’s funeral.  He was only in his forty’s.  I don’t know much but was told he had some kidney problem; sudden and unexpected.

Although I have not met up with him for some years, I feel a bond to everyone who worked together on that team.  We accomplished something important and we all did a lot of growing up together.  That means something.

I am sad that he is no longer with us. I am sad that he passed on so young. I am sad that I will not be able to be there at his funeral to honor and remember him.  I pray that he is in a better place.

18 thoughts on “Chew”

  1. I was shocked when my friend told me of his passing yesterday. Chew was my house mate in section 17, PJ in the mid 90s, if my memory does not fail me.

    He didn’t stay long though in section 17. I may know him for a short period of time. But I must admit that I did think of him occasionally and often wondered where and what he was doing.

    I didn’t know he was a friend of my friend’s husband, until yesterday. Otherwise, I would have reconnected with him, and caught up with lost time.

    I only knew him as Chew. To try to find him in FB would be futile, and I don’t know any of his friends except Mr Foo, who went to Singapore, and lost contact.

    Chew was indeed a happy person. The house was always filled with his laughter. I could still remember vividly of his happy face and the sound of his laughter till this day.

    Chew, you shall be missed dearly by your family, friends, loved ones and me!

    May your soul rest in peace, my friend!

  2. Alin, where are u now

    You left us suddenly.. we are still shocked
    There is no goodbye
    Perhaps you hinted, but we just didn’t get it ….until … it was too late

    We still can’t believe you are not with us. Not even in our dreams, as your life is full of vigor.

    All of us are very fond of you.
    It’s not just because you are our brother ..
    It’s the lovely character that endears you to many, even though you seldom say many words.

    We’ve known from young, your strong love of nature and outdoor life. You had few demands for comfort, always unassuming and fiercely independent … there is no wish for wealth and fame . You just wanted to be left with doing things you love best. That sights and sounds of birds, dogs, fish or nature in generally excite you the most.

    Always true to yourself,
    and your own quest for life , that perhaps not many people can understand and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life.

    You were born in Kuala Nerang, in Kedah back in 68. I was 6 then, and remember somehow you were not born in a hospital, but in the home in police barracks. Perhaps there was no hospital nearby then. We soon moved to Jelebu, negeri sembilan, when you were hardly 2 years old. You were that tough and stout little kid, with wiry hairs that we joked could pierce the lizards, and a pair of bowl legs that were great in kicking ball. Even then you were already quite a character, fiercely independent and seldom complain about things most kids your age would do.

    Over the years we don’t meet that often, but I truly cherish the moments together … as I can still remember our last year’s visit to orang asli settlement near Segamat. I really looked forward your trip to Sydney, and wanted to show some of the best sights and outdoor activities… though perhaps winter is not best time … if only you went a couple of weeks earlier or later …

    But I was still hoping you’ll visit me during warmer months in future… , or that we can visit the volcanoes of Indonesia together, but …

    You know what, I have always been damm proud of you.. my little brother.
    For we and anyone who really know you will cherish the fond memories of you in our hearts forever and ever.
    You will most certainly be missed by all of us.

    Penned by:
    Chew Keng Foo

  3. I am very sorry LGS.
    Over the years we lose more and more people, out of our lives, they just move ahead, we’ll follow, later.

  4. A legacy left us he has. Everyone who life he had touched, moments we will always cherish. For now, he is soaring the skies, wild and free, happy as the bird he sees in the jungle that he has called his home.

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