You may have noticed that the Squirrel has been missing for awhile.  The excuse truth is that with all the bad stuff happening in the world lately, I was just hiding out in my panic room.  Well, while it is true that the shit  (please excuse my mild Deadpool language) has not stopped flying, the squirrel has decided to surface because there was a spot of light shining.

su lin

I refer to the momentous and happy event of the marriage of two of my young friends. Their combined ages is equivalent to mine.  (Sigh).  In Malaysia, we would call them “young cikus”.  A ciku is a type of fruit – fleshy, sweet and distinctly aromatic.  A “young ciku” has a similar meaning to the phrase “still wet behind the ears”.

Anyway, why has this brought the Squirrel out of his dark hole?  Well, the joy and love from this tying of hearts was truly “uplifting” for all who witnessed it.  I present evidence (see Exhibit A- otherwise known as the photo above) that gravity can truly be conquered by the power of true love.  It was…it was…like a enormous weight had been lifted from us.

But I digress unnecessarily.  I really wanted to share about these two “young cikus”.  Let’s call them Simon and Sue.

Sue is the one in the white gown, in case you hadn’t figured it out.  She is very young; an idealist;  one who believes in fighting for social justice for all and that money holds little value unless it can be used to help others.  And she is an incurable romantic and I mean, of the Disney Princesses’ happily ever after variety.  She has always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding and she wanted to have an enchanted forest theme for her wedding and celebration dinner.

Simon is the one in the grey suit and it is possible there may be a colony on the moon before we see him wear a suit again.  He is a simple man with simple tastes.  Indeed, he seems allergic to many society conventions.  He is his own boss and shows up to work (and indeed to most events) in T-shirt and sandals.  He has learnt to be extremely thrifty; some might even say miserly.  He would rather save money than splash it on a flashy wedding.

And so we witnessed this apparent mismatch; the hopeless romantic dreaming of a fantasy enchanted forest with her Prince Charming and the real world Simple Simon who would like the no-frills package.

Bit by bit we saw Sue’s dream of the enchanted forest slip away.  There would be no big church wedding or wedding dinner at a fancy hotel.  Instead, both would be held at a re-purposed industrial warehouse building. There would be no fancy caterers for the wedding reception but instead cakes and cookies baked by friends.  Decorations, sound system and even photographer were all friends.  Instead of a formal sit-down dinner, there would be a self service buffet.  But if Sue was a little  disappointed, she did not show it.

But Simon really worked hard.  Despite all his cost saving measures, in the end we could all see the thought, effort and love that he put into it.  Sue had wanted a photo booth that was the in-thing for weddings these days but it was deemed too costly to rent.  Well, Simon built a photo booth himself using a camera, a laptop and printer and a wooden box and had the whole thing mounted on a forklift from the warehouse. It was charming in an industrial chic kinda way.

Hats off too for Simon as under his direction, the warehouse was truly transformed into a magical enchanted place for the dinner.  He had done it with just a little budget but with great heart and not a little elbow grease.  It no longer felt like a warehouse but a beer garden in some enchanted woods.

su lin dinner

But there was still more.  Unbeknown to Sue, Simon and his 6 groomsmen had put in long hours of practice.  At the dinner, when Sue thought they were supposed to go round to talk to the guests, Simon took her and sat her in the middle of the room and then he and his backup danced and gyrated for her like court dances performing for the Queen.  It was as risque as a family event would allow and had Sue squealing with glee and the guests cheering.

Then came the speeches.  Sue acknowledged that they had known each other for 8 years and that Simon had been there for her all that time – a rock through thick and thin.  They both thanked their parents.  Simon said that he knew that there would only ever be one person for him and he knew it was Sue from the very beginning.  He then confessed that for him, the whole wedding preparations had been a very difficult experience for him and was so not his scene.  Indeed for someone who has seen his share of difficult times, he said that the whole wedding ceremonies and dinner thing was the hardest thing that he had ever done.  And then he said that he would do it all over again for Sue.

And there was not a dry eye in the house. Even Simon’s eyes were wet but he calmly informed everyone that he had something in his eye.

In the end, Sue had placed her faith in Simon and Simon did his best to live up to that faith.  Spending big money on a wedding isn’t necessary as long as the love is allowed to express itself – the love of the couple for one another and the love of all those gathered there for the newly weds. What a day! What a night! It was enchanted.

And even this cynical old squirrel believes that they had the best start for their life adventure together.


10 thoughts on “Enchanted”

  1. I recently officiated at my nephew’s wedding and they, too, had a simple, but elegant wedding in my brother’s yard. The love and joy of my nephew and his new bride was what made the day. I think we need more weddings in the world–events that bring joy and light and happiness.

  2. The wedding all looked “up to date” and what young American couples who bother to get married are doing–or so i think. I haven’t been invited to a wedding (have been but have not gone-much to my children’s sighs of relief) in at least 8 years or so. *meh* I don’t wear suits, I don’t make nice nice and I do not like what my family considers the obligatory cash contribution to someones wedding who only talks to me for 2 weeks beforehand and never after hand.

  3. oh what a cool wedding My husband always chooses for the no-frills package but good he didn’t dance for me as he absolutely can’t dance.
    It looks pretty the warehouse with the lights.
    Nice there were spots of light shining for you and you were in my spotlight. All my friend bloggers had a no frills thumbnail on the sideline of my blog and come and look who was standing out. Hint It was a squirrel lol

  4. Madeline,
    What a joy it must have been to have officiated at your nephew’s wedding. I had the privilege of being master of ceremonies at this wedding. A much easier task. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Mark,
    Simon’s dad apparently has only ever been to two wedding dinners; his own and one of a close friend. He did not even attend his own brothers’ weddings. There was a time when he considered not showing up for Simon’s wedding dinner either. But in the end he did and I think he had a good time.
    Perhaps you should consider sharing your years of wisdom by becoming a Wedding Poet? You might like it.

  6. Hi Marja,
    So sorry…..didn’t mean to show up everybody else’s thumbnails. Don’t know why the picture is so large. Don’t know what I did that was different from before. Sure hope you like it cause it is a bit hard to ignore!
    Get your husband to dance for you for your anniversary……..doesn’t matter if he is a terrible dancer…..just video it and load it up on Youtube and be an internet star!

  7. In the end the humans “count” – the surroundings may be helpful.
    I hope you have the right felling about them and what happened. Because from my own experience I learned to trust this feeling, what means simply that I saw “rich”weddings that went down the drain in short time (after some years), and “cheap” ones that last. It’s the humans, not the bling.

  8. Mago,
    I agree. I once had two friends who got married and they were very much caught up with the wedding preparations. In fact, they had two wedding dinners where they live – one for each of their friends and then had a dinner in each of their hometowns for their families. 4 wedding dinners in total and all of them quite lavish, Did not last. The guy remarried some years later. Had a quiet ceremony and has been happily married ever since.

  9. That’s really very sweet.

    We had a very simple wedding and spent remarkably little. But it had a lot of sentimentality and many people have told us since they really loved it.

  10. Secret Agent,
    The sentimentality or rather the emotions make a far more heartfelt impression than all the bling. Congrats again on your own happy day. Since, you have not kept away from your blogging friends, this squirrel surmises that your other half is NOT a bad nut after all. (that’s as close to a compliment that he will get from this grouch).

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