The Greying of the Squirrel

The Lone Grey Squirrel is getting more grey.  Today I am another year older and deeper in debt.  Yup….. a look in the mirror  and ……well, not a pretty sight.

For most of my life, I have always looked younger than my age. Even up to a couple of years ago, some of the younger folk had thought I was about 15 years younger than I really was.  And I really didn’t feel old either.

Then something happened and it seems as if a switch was suddenly flipped and everything changed.  First, a friend wanted to introduced me to his new sweet young thing.  He liked her and wanted my opinion of her. And so we were introduced and she said, “Hello, Uncle!”  In my culture, this is the way of showing respect to one’s elders.

Hmmph!  “Hello Uncle” indeed.  So I told my friend that I didn’t like her – call it a gut feeling.

Surprisingly, he listened to me and after sometime, he introduced me to another girl and we hit it off; like we had been friends for years.  None of that “Hello, Uncle” nonsense.  I was happy when they said they planned to get married.  And then, the girl’s mother was due to come to town to visit and meet my friend.  He recruited me to help entertain the mum and to help him make a good impression.  I was honored.  And then I met the mum ……… (pregnant pause) ……and learned that she was younger than me.  My friend’s girlfriend’s mum was younger than me.  When did I get that old?

Then again, recently I had cause to make a police report and I went to the station and was directed to see this elderly police sergeant.  He was clearly pass his prime and was waiting out his time before retirement doing a desk job.  His hair was shocking white and he was constantly out of breath; the result of years of smoking probably.  This frail old man looked up at me and said, “Hello, Uncle!”

Hmmmph!  But there was nothing to do but shrug it off.  I was due to have lunch with some of my buddies and I wanted to relate these funny incidents to them.  Unfortunately when I arrived, they were too busy exchanging information about vitamins, supplements and which doctors were good for colonoscopies!

You know what? If this means that I really am old now, then I plan to be grumpy as well.  You know like my heroes……..

grumpy old men


9 thoughts on “The Greying of the Squirrel”

  1. Happy birthday Uncle Squirrel! I first realized I’d gotten old when they quit asking me for ID before going into the casinos. Of course, some of the guards look like they’re 15, so what do they know about judging age?

  2. Enjoy your old age Squirrel and all the perks that come with it, including being some hotties uncle. Next milestone is dementia when you become your own uncle.

  3. Interesting to learn about the cultural differences between there and here. I have watched films from near that part of the world, but for some reason it didn’t dawn on me that Uncle and Auntie (the movie I watched recently said Auntie, not Aunt) referred to the older generation. I have been called ma’am a few times recently. It bugged me, but I haven’t gotten into the depths of despair or denial yet about the whole thing. Probably in a few years.

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