Derailing the Horror

Do you know what’s scary?  Answer:- the way I procrastinate.  If you look back over the years, readers will find that I will be making New Year Resolutions and wishing every  one a Happy New Year sometime towards the end of January.  Likewise, I tend to leave my Christmas decorations up and try to disguise them to make it look like I put them up specially for Chinese New Year a few months later.  So just yesterday, I finally got to watch the movie that I had set aside for Halloween.

It’s a Korean movie titled, “Train to Busan”.  As if train journeys are often not horrific enough, they throw in large numbers of evil, undead zombies.  It is a big hit in Korea and you know what?  In my humble squirrel opinion, it deserves every good review it has received.  As with any zombie movie, it is not so much a  spine chilling horror experience but more of an adrenaline racing, heart pounding action movie.  But the human element is well crafted into the story and the acting surprisingly good; especially the young girl in the story.  I recommend it.

You know what else is scary?  The real world!  Starting with Korea where the Korean President is alleged to have been unduly influenced by the daughter of a cult leader (BBC story); to Indonesia where thousands took part in violent and fatal protests in the capital Jakarta because they do not want a popular (and generally held to be an effective) non-Muslim governor overseeing a majority Muslim city; and finally the insane circus of the current U.S. Presidential elections.  Hilary or Trump?  The squirrel shakes his head at both but trembles in fear at the thought of President Trump.


And so, we squirrels have decided to intervene for the sake of the world.

Squirrel knocks out power to Miami County elections board

Hungry squirrel tampers with presidential election

We try to help.


10 thoughts on “Derailing the Horror”

  1. The procrastination just means that you are human lgs. What’s happening on that movie and these current states in the world are more towards inhuman I think so indeed Halloweeny

  2. After World War Z no zombie movie ever matched as a way to feeling like “this could be real.” That one, for a dude who generally speaking isn’t into dark movies. struck the bar of repeat watchability.

    Ya know Squirrel if it was only Indonesia, Korea (both internal problems) or the US election cycle (international ramifications) I wouldn’t be near as concerned. America has weathered far worse storms. But it is the Malaysian and Philippine pivot to China, Duterte and his ranting provocations, China itself in the Sea of China, Putin and his troop and nuclear weapons talk and movements in Eastern Europe, Brexit, the oncoming nationalist onslaught across Europe, and a few other areas of concern that have me worried about this election cycle.

    Nations, the majority of them, hope that globalization will lift them, while developed economies want to trend toward isolationism and wealth hording–the planet is on a path to lunacy and America is doing absolutely nothing to calm the storms. Perhaps we will see the Rise of The Squirrel. What a thriller that would make eh?

  3. Secret Agent,
    I suppose there is some gore but it’s a few notches down from the Walking Dead. I don’t enjoy gore either though I love a good scare. However, I think of this more like an action movie in the same vein as Brad Pitt’s World War Z. If anything, there is a better developed human aspect to this movie.

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