Remembering Kaikoura

More than 6 years ago, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Kaikoura in New Zealand’s South Island.  The town is part of a small peninsular that juts into the ocean and it has the majestic Kaikoura mountain ranges as a background.  It is blessed with abundant marine life and a great place for going out to watch Sperm Whales, the kin of Moby Dick.  Although when I went, it was decidedly choppy and photos taken were handicapped by my advanced state of seasickness.  Nevertheless, it is a beautiful place and I thought that it must be wonderful to wake up each morning to live in a place like this.

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So I am sorry to learn that it has been badly hit by the earthquake a couple of days ago and that the town has been evacuated and there were a couple of deaths.  My deepest condolences.  I hope that Kaikoura will recover from this before too long.

(all photos by LGS)

8 thoughts on “Remembering Kaikoura”

  1. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes (like this post) you make me wish I still had the urge to travel around.

    Whales are great! Saw many of the Atlantic’s traveling pods.

    Seasick? Seriously? Trump would grab you. *snicker snicker* <<locker room talk.

  2. Mark,
    I think the occasional travel is good for the soul. Helps us see the world with fresh eyes. It refreshes. You should consider it.
    As for being seasick, let me just remind you that squirrels belong in trees and not at sea!

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