S for Shilpa, F for Fun

Well, there’s been a lot of bad news of late.  I think we are all overdue to have some FUN for a change and right on cue, famous Bollywood actress and celebrity, Shilpa Shetty, has come to our rescue. God bless her.

During an interview, she commented on the decision by Indian authorities to include Harry Potter books as part of the school syllabus.  She thought it was a great idea and threw in a suggestion or two of other books that would be a boon to young minds. (see picture below).

Image result for shetty animal farm

Inspired by her views on Little Women and Animal Farm, the internet wags have been a bit merciless in developing the theme of books that should be included in the reading programs of our children.  Here are some great suggestions;

Fifty Shades of Grey – an amazing colouring book. Children will  love it.

The Life of Pi – should be read by all children as it will enhance their mathematical skills.

Mein Kampf – is a nice guide on camping and other outdoor activities.

The Hobbit – is good.  All children should be encouraged to develop good hobbits.

Anyway, this squirrel pondered over the books in his library to see what books I might recommend too.  I came up with the following;

Gone with the Wind – learning about the fury of Nature and the power of tornados.

Stephen King’s IT – Never too young to start learning about computers.

The Maze Runner – sharpen your child’s mind with this giant book of crosswords, puzzles and mazes.

The Name of the Rose – introduce your child to the wonders of gardening and horticulture with this guide book to the hundreds of rose species.

V for Vendetta – the classic children’s alphabet book but with an updated and relevant twist. (A is for Apple Inc., B is for Brexit…….. Z is for Zika)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – teaching children about different career choices for when they grow up.

But  totally, totally NOT RECOMMENDED is Moby Dick.

Perhaps, dear readers, you have other books that you might suggest?



8 thoughts on “S for Shilpa, F for Fun”

  1. I think Shilpa’s suggestions are really good. I don’t know why everyone is laughing so much at what she said. I think Animal Farm can help you to appreciate animals. I know George Orwell used the animals and the farm as a metaphor, but I always felt that there was valuable literal meaning there too. Animals should have rights, they shouldn’t have to work for humans and they shouldn’t be eaten by humans.

  2. Anyone who thinks Animal Farm is anything but horrifying either didn’t read it or didn’t comprehend it when they did. It is one of the single most traumatizing stories you could ever read to a child, much less an adult. If you read it, understood it’s message completely, and still think it’s lovely, you need to see your psychiatrist because your meds need tweaking.

  3. Miranda,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I went over to your site and see that you are very into literature for children. Good for you. I do agree that the internet wags were a tad merciless to Shilpa but I think it was perceived that she had made comments without possibly knowing what the books were really about.

  4. allthoughtswork,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I wouldn’t have thought that Animal Farm was suitable for young impressionable minds but then again my brother smuggled me into the cinema hall to watch The Exorcist when I was 11 and I recovered from the trauma. Not much damage done other than sleeping with one eye open for the rest of my teens.

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