For the Technologically Impaired

A friend of mine in Singapore has been involved in an initiative to reach out to senior citizens and improve their quality of life by educating them to the joys of computing and the internet.  This helps to keep them alert and engaged and some even go on to help charities and social programs using their newly learned skills.  A worthy effort.

One obstacle amongst the seniors is an inherent fear of technology and bewilderment brought on by unfamiliarity with the rapidly changing technology and technological jargon.

I confess that I too feel that I am falling behind the technological curve and in the danger of being left behind.  So as a public service, the Lone Grey Squirrel, wishes to share this informative video designed to be able to communicate at the level of senior citizens.

6 thoughts on “For the Technologically Impaired”

  1. Bwahahahahaha I am getting a blackberry and when it stops working I am sending it to my kids for repair!

  2. Hilarious eggs box Love it. Oh I I did that for years helping the elderly and Kids learn the computer in a charity. Of course the kids were way advanced and were more in to programming than the basics. We had the same problem with elderly being afraid to touch the buttons, but I always told the people that the computer wouldn’t explode and that helped a bit.
    Have a Merry Christmas LGS and a Happy 2017

  3. You have to wonder what’s coming next around the tech corner, too. And I wonder when I’m going to start refusing to do these things and make my millennial brother do them for me.

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