Well, I’ll be……


A joyous announcement to the big, wide world,

Celebrating the birth of a bouncing baby girl,

My niece made her debut  on the 26th of January

Two days shy of the Rooster and still a Monkey

Her beautiful name is Sofia but pronounced Safia

So wonderfully appropriate, like the “sa” in sapphire

Shining brightly of joy, love and hope realised

Know that  you are now and forever cherished

And while in your mother’s arms you snuggle,

I suddenly realised that I’m a Monkey’s uncle!

Dearest Sofia,

As you get to know me, you’ll get to appreciate my off kilter humor…… I hope.


Uncle ‘Tiger’ Squirrel

11 thoughts on “Well, I’ll be……”

  1. OK it’s been a few days, is the bloom off the rose yet? Have you done diaper duty, or tried to hold the niece who knows you aren’t her mom?

    It gets better, always better with the wee ones. Especially them you can send home!

  2. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Sofia is a great baby. Sleeps, eats and poops regularly at roughly 3 hour intervals which is manageable. So far I have avoided diaper duty although she has pooped while I carried her and she has splattered her mum and peed on her grandmother. All things considered, I will survive and so will she!

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