I’m Back

Hi everyone.  I’m back.

I hid in my secret underground hideout, hibernating for the last four months, just so as to give you some time to sort things out but now that I have popped my head out, what do I see? I see that the Twitter-in-chief is still President of the USA.

But it wasn’t just fear that had made me keep a low profile.  To be honest, I was feeling a bit dry; like I was running out of things I wanted to say.  But I decided to give it a try again.  I hope you will be patient with me cause I’m not sure where I’ll be heading with this.  Baby steps. One post at a time.

To celebrate my coming back to the blogosphere, – like a bad penny that keeps turning up or a Hollywood sequel or reboot that we didn’t need like “The Mummy”, and also to belatedly salute my favorite country’s 150th Birthday, please enjoy this Canadian award winning gem.

(squirrel tattoo image from tattooimages.biz)

15 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. Ah yes, the feared blog-dry-up.
    Blogging changed, we change. It is different from the olde days. The more precious is when an interesting blogger comes back.
    It is a bit like at the start, in the beginnings – it is Your space, it is all You like, what You want to show, and what not. And of course, blogging is just something that is attached to real life, and sometimes real life takes over in all its brutal glory. The more beautiful is it to see You emerging again, to read You.
    Some bloggers recently went through this (MsScarlet, Melanie, Ponita, Savannah, Nikos, Foam – to name just a few), some leave, some just interrupt – its the nature of this game.
    If You feel like it’s good to blog, just do it, some people will read you, and chip their pennies in.
    I hope all is well with You and all Yours (your church especially), and if You write I’ll read it. That’s all about it I think.

  2. I’ve had a bit of a slowing down on my blogs this year. I keep planning on reentering in full swing, then trail off again.
    Always good to see you.
    (You missed some great fireworks on this side of the pond)

  3. Secret agent,
    Tattoo? Oh no! I don’t like wearing rings, watches or any form of adornment. So, tattoos are not my thing. I also think tattoos become less attractive over time as the ink fades and the skin wrinkles. But mostly, I’m afraid of the needle.

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