Know Your Bear Adversary

We interrupt our regular programme and postponed our scheduled post to bring you the shocking news of a great big Bear Dump over at Debra’s place.  Yes! An enormous big pile of bear!

With the higher risk of human -bear encounters these days, I thought it only right to re-post this very important bit of information below.


As you can see, from a squirrel’s perspective, grizzlies are just cute bundles of fur but black bears are clearly to be avoided.

Many years ago, I saved up for a holiday in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.  My brother from Australia came over and joined me there.  Both of us do enjoy the great wilderness experiences but neither of us have had any exposure to being in bear country; there being no bears in Australia and my own dangerous wildlife encounters in Malaysia were more of the tigers, crocodiles and elephant variety.

That being the case, both of us paid attention when a local ranger orientated us to the attractions of Banff National Park as well as gave us practical tips including  how to behave in bear country and stay safe.  Things like, talking or calling out when trekking, keeping food away from sleeping areas and throwing rubbish in bear-proof bins etc.

We listened attentively and at the end of the little lecture, the ranger looked at my brother and decided to add, “You probably shouldn’t dress up in salmon pink shirts either”!

Salmon Pink?  Maybe not in bear country.

6 thoughts on “Know Your Bear Adversary”

  1. Yes — NO salmon pink shirts! And lay off the salmon aftershave too. I hope you and your brother enjoyed Banff despite the bears.

    When I first moved to Alberta 20 years ago, I had grand visions of hiking in the mountain parks at Kananaskis, Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper. Then I too learned about bears and the necessity to be equipped with Bear Bells and Bear Spray. The thought of encountering a bear terrified me. I have never gone hiking as a consequence.

  2. They look so fabulous though, but I’d also take a swerve on hiking in bear country. I’ll stay in the UK and watch the squirrels instead.

  3. Debra,
    I did enjoy my trip to Banff but was a little disappointed as my traveling companions were all sufficiently spooked by all the talk about bears that we stuck to only the more well traveled trails with the rest of the hordes of tourists. And actually, we did see a black bear but that is a tale for another post.

  4. Scarlet,
    I don’t want to put you off traveling to bear country. They usually avoid contact so everything should be fine on the popular and frequently used trails where the main annoyance is other tourists.

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