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1962 & the 49’er

The Fore-runner of Communication Satelites
1962 and the world faced possible oblivion
It was the year of nuclear confrontation
Superpowers facing off over missiles in Cuba
It was the pinnacle of Cold War drama.
While for the first time on the movie screen
James Bond, on service to Her Majesty the Queen
Fights Dr. No while drinking vodka martini
And still has time to romance the ladies.
The world was doing the Twist with Chubby Checker,
The Beatles took on Ringo Starr as drummer
The Telstar made possible trans-Atlantic broadcasting
And Rachel Carson raised the alarm about Silent Spring.
A small town girl named Norma Jean
Came to Hollywood to  fulfill her dreams
But the world of fame has its dark and soul sapping side
And in 1962, Marilyn Monroe slipped into the night
Into this year, I was born on the 13th September
The doctor spanked me and made me holler
And since then I have been ready to expect
The good and the bad out of this strange life.
Altogether, methinks that 1962 was quite the year.