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It Came Out of the Water

Really bad flooding is occurring in many parts of Indochina.  Thailand has declared a national crisis with more than 270 people killed by floods since July.  The floodwaters that have cause much damage in the north of the country is now heading downstream and south and right in its path is the capital city, Bangkok.

As Bangkok prepares and tries to get ready, the floodwaters has caused considerable damage to the rice fields, destroying tonnes of padi.  The waters have also displaced many people, forcing them to take shelter on higher ground.  And not just people.

More than 100 crocodiles escaped from a crocodile farm which was inundated by flood waters.   From the photo below, it would appear that some of those escapee crocodiles may also be seeking out higher and drier grounds – even if it is already occupied.

Just a reminder that the water is not the only thing we have to worry about but also what is in it or comes out of it.

"Can I come in out of the cold and wet?"