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World Domination in Easy Steps

STEP 1 :  Watch Video Below!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Step 2:  Keep your Eyes on the swinging balls.  Watch them swing….to the right……and to the left.  Keep your eyes on the balls.

Step 3:   Your eyes are getting tired……sleepy………close your eyes.  Keep seeing the balls swing in your mind and keep listening to my voice.

Step 4:  You are in deep sleep and you must obey what I command.   When you wake up, you will not remember any of this but you will want to write a cheque for the total amount of your savings payable to the Lone Grey Squirrel and send it to the “World Enslavement of Humanity by Squirrels” Fund, c/0 Banque Suisse pour des Despotes et des Dictateurs, Zurich, Switzerland (where all the best despots and dictators keep their loot safe).  You will also have an unstoppable urge to feed squirrels.

Step 5: Wake up minions and do your master’s bidding.

Lost and Refound 2

This is the follow-up to the post “Lost and Refound 1‘.  Basically, I was disappointed to find some of the videos that I had embedded in my posts were no longer available due to the Grinch like nature of  one of the music companies.  So here,  I have recollected three of the  “lost” videos.

Physics for Adolescent Males

In this post, I craftily used the discussion of the physics principle of  Simple Harmonic Motion as an excuse for a Shakira hip-swaying video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Schmoozers Recognized and Flagpole Sitta Lip Synch’ed

This post was really about a Schmoozers’ award but in celebration, I included this amateur video which remains one of my all time favorite discoveries from the internet.  It was the collaborative effort of members of one office.  Man, that looks like a fun place to work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Music of the Sun God, Inti Illimani

This post was dedicated to Inti Illimani – what started as a group of Chilean  engineering students who found themselves in exile after General Pinochet took power in their homeland, became a band of musical scholars who were cultural ambassadors for their country and a voice of hope for the return of democracy for Chile.  I had the privilege to see them in concert and I chose my words carefully when I call them “musical scholars” for their knowledge and use of musical instruments is beyond that of mere performers.

Vodpod videos no longer available.