Nelson Mandela Free at Last

Nobody is perfect.  But if the world ever needed a hero to look up to, Nelson Mandela comes pretty close to being a perfect one.  A great politician, tactician, leader – we have heard all these accolades used to describe him.  But most of all, he was a great human being.  He spoke with his words and showed with his actions and his life, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation.  He gave South Africans a better future than anyone could have imagined coming out of the chaos of apartheid.

Yesterday, he passed away at the age of 95 and it was a loss felt around the world.  Yet as I watched the news on the television, I am taken up by the fact that South Africans are gathering together, singing and dancing in the streets.  They are celebrating the wonderful life of a wonderful man and the wonderful legacy he has left his country and the world. Tony Blair said that Mandela “made racism seem somehow stupid”.   One of my heroes has passed on but I join everyone else in celebrating him.  May he be resting in peace with his creator.

Below is the song “Free Nelson Mandela” by The Specials. The lyrics include these lines;

Free Nelson Mandela

21 years in captivity
Shoes too small to fit his feet
His body abused, but his mind is still free
You’re so blind that you cannot see

Free Nelson Mandela


May I invite you to dance along in celebration.


12 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela Free at Last”

  1. It’s incredible what happened in his lifetime. And what he changed, he really made an impact. Vielleicht ist da doch Erlösung …

  2. Bravo, Squirrel! I join you in saluting this hero and an ideal of mankind. What a devastating loss to the world, yet how rich the global community is with his legacy. May his dream live on in all of us.

  3. Secret Agent,
    Indeed, the world is better because Mandela did not give in to the dark side ….he refuse to allow hate to control him. Because of that tragedy was avoided and hope was made possible.

  4. I am happy that he was allowed to live out his life to it’s natural conclusion and was not assassinated while in prison. Our generation has always been poor in leadership because of bullets, now we are simply poorer because time has moved along. What a great man who stood strongly as al of us who cared stood with him for so many years.

  5. I posted this on someone else’s page first, but here is my thought: When I think of Mandela, it takes me back to Psychology 101 and Kohlberg’s 6 levels of moral development. That 6th level seems so abstract and yet some people reach it. Yes, fewer than we can count on all fingers, but some have reached it – and he was one of them.

  6. geewits,
    okay. Didn’t take Psychology 101 so don’t know Kohlberg from Adam. But I understand what you are saying though.He stands on a higher plane than most of humanity.

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